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Our Meals - Thai and European Meals

We love to take pride in our cooking and our kitchen:


We prepare Thai, American, European and UK meals on-site.  We have also just started making our own home-made Pizzas.  And YES, we even cook our pizzas in our own clay oven!  Here's a small selection of the meals that we have prepared:

For European Tastes

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And for Thai Tastes

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European & UK Food you can buy!

We also stock and you can buy directly from us your favorite European and UK foods to make you feel like home. Just ask to see our selection of Sauces, Ingredients and Pies!

Here's a small selection displayed below:

Sportsbar-Pakchong-UKfood  Sportsbar-Pakcong-Freezer

To purchase simply - call 085 398 7820 TODAY!





'Cheap accommodation, good food and we are always well looked after!' 
- John, NI -

'I can buy most of my favourite UK foods here -  it's GREAT!!'

                         - Ned, UK -

'Great British food and friendly atmosphere!'

                        - Paul, UK -